An open letter to all the agnostic fence sitters out there
The Word Kupu #22 - Sharks! with Carlos Gauna: The Malibu ArtistListen now (53 min) | Enter the world of one of the planet's most accomplished shark & marine animal photographers. Carlos' drone footage is rebranding…
Elon Musk, Will Smith, Mike Tyson, Johnny Depp, the Met Gala, Roe v Wade... and truly unruly airline passengers, what’s happening to us..
Also, why are some vaccinated people getting infected and showing severe symptoms whilst others aren’t? Why self-testing is statistically misleading and…
The Word Kupu #21 - Ted Howard QSM: The sagacity of genius continued.. Part IIListen now (121 min) | The only person who never made mistakes, never made anything
The Word Kupu #20 - Thomas Edward (Ted) Howard QSM: The sagacity of genius (Part I)Listen now (103 min) | Enter the weird and wonderful world of one New Zealand's most distinguished thinkers. Meet Ted, a kiwi conservationist who wants…
The Word Kupu #19 - Mein KampfListen now (10 min) | Hitler, Putin and the psychology of war
My thoughts on how scary this world can be, yet how collective will and effort can turn this nightmare situation into a major humanitarian opportunity
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