Mar 30 • 2HR 1M

The Word Kupu #21 - Ted Howard QSM: The sagacity of genius continued.. Part II

The only person who never made mistakes, never made anything

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ray of light near body of water
Ted discusses the difficulty of rocket propulsion out of Earth’s gravitational pull as opposed to the moon. (photo by SpaceX)

Ted and I continue our discussion from last week, please have a listen to Part I here.

We discuss the future of political institutions, computer programming, software design, Richard Feynman, Universal Basic Income, the Cuban Missile crisis, space travel, Wolfram’s computational universe, artificial intelligence, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3,) and heaps more. Ted had me laughing and scratching my head all at once again.

Please enjoy this. The Richard Feynman video about magnets and scientific literacy that we mention can be found here.

The World According to von Roy

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