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The Word Kupu #22 - Sharks! with Carlos Gauna: The Malibu Artist

Enter the world of one of the planet's most accomplished shark & marine animal photographers. Carlos' drone footage is rebranding not only the public's perceptions of sharks but also that of academia

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Carlos not only captures great whites from the air but also photographs them from up close, like this beauty off Guadaloupe Island

There aren’t many people that will get me out of bed at 6AM, but the opportunity to talk to Carlos Gauna, The Malibu Artist, is one such person. I have been long admirer of Carlos’ and his incredible drone camera footage of particularly great white sharks and other marine life. Carlos has been filming and interacting with marine animals for most of his life, 6 years ago he picked up a drone and never looked back. Ever since he has been capturing some of the world’s most unique footage of sharks and whales that has been viewed by millions worldwide on his The Malibu Artist Youtube channel. Mostly in Southern California, Carlos has been catching some of the most unique footage of juvenile great white sharks ever, interacting with other marine life and also humans who enter the water with sharks about. 

Sharks interacting peacefully in their habitat with (mostly) unaware humans. Drone footage off the coast of Southern California.

Carlos has changed the perception of many people in regards to how sharks interact with human beings in the ocean. His footage is sought after not only by shark fanatics but also those operating at the higher echelons of academics. He has been accredited in a variety of academic papers, shedding light on unique behavioural traits of sharks with his footage and he has also captivated the minds of people fascinated with these amazing creatures.

Another brilliant snap of a great white off Guadaloupe Island.

Take for example this great footage of a swimmer encountering a juvenile great white off the coast of Southern California - where he delicately describes the actions taken by the swimmer in response to the shark’s presence and points out how to properly behave when one such a once in a lifetime encounter. 

Please follow Carlos on his Youtube channel, Instagram and also support him on Patreon.

We look forward to talking to Carlos again, especially in regards to the news he broke to us in this podcast regarding footage that will “shake the shark world’s foundation to its core. “

Thank you Carlos for all that you are doing for shark awareness and conservation.

Ngā mihi, hope to see you in Aotearoa/New Zealand soon!

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