The Word KUPU #2 - Out of my mind

Mental health in the time of covid.


In this episode of The Word, I wanted to chronicle my mental health as experienced during the last 18 months - from full blown alcoholic during the first lockdown to suffering psychosis and then entering an extended period of sobriety whilst enduring the second lockdown here in New Zealand. It is not for the faint hearted and listener discretion is advised. I wanted to record these thoughts and feelings on The Word because I feel they may be relevant for others out there who may be going through something similar right now or who have a loved one who is. This is for you guys. The struggle is temporary.

Book excerpt

Toward the end of the podcast I also read an excerpt from Owls of the Eastern Ice - The Quest to find the World's Largest Owl" written by Jonathan C. Slaght. An astonishing book that was shortlisted for the 2020 National Book Award as well as being placed in The Times 20 best books of 2020. It is well worth a read, taking you out of wherever you are right now and transporting you to the remote and isolated freezing cold back forests of Primorye, Russia.

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Mauri Ora.

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