Nov 30, 2021 • 19M

To vaxx or not to vaxx? THE AUDIO EDITION

My brother Mark, reading the article that traversed the planet faster than the virus ever could.

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Mark, Charlotte and my beautiful niece Ayla

This was a concept my brother created, a means by which to open up my vaccine article and general thematic around the significance of immunisation, to a wider audience - particularly those people who struggle to read through an entire article of such length and density as this one.

I am immensely proud of what he has delivered here - his sincerity, gravitas and incredible speaking voice are spot on. He truly did the writing justice and captured it exactly how I would have wanted it read.

With zest, gusto and geist.

Yes, that’s my brother, ready to fly to the moon.

Mark von Roy lives in Innsbruck, Austria an area of Europe that is plagued with the lowest average rate of vaccination in the entire OECD. It lies at around 65%, which perhaps rather fittingly, is the same exact rate of vaccination for the area where I live, in Golden Bay, on the South Island of New Zealand.


Mark is a man of many talents, he is educated in psychology and an award winning film director, photographer, writer, cameraman, actor, skier and all round swell guy.

He created, directed, presented and filmed the highly acclaimed Redbull documentary Generations of Freeskiing. It is a real treat, I can only urge you to watch. I watch it often when I am feeling a bit lacklustre and need cheering up.

Mark has been heralded as one of New Zealand’s most iconic free skiers and has been influential on and off the scene for many years.

Oh and did we mention, he is also an award winning photographer?

One of Mark’s many incredible landscape photos. This one won a few awards.

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The legend himself, Jacques Yves Cousteau.