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Howdy folks, welcome to my first foray into the world of not so broad podcasting. Is the The Word too pretentious sounding? Be honest.

While I am still recording and working on producing my first proper episode of The Word, I wanted to share with you in the meantime an interview I did in August 2014 with then labour member of parliament (MP) and all round awesome human being Jacinda Ardern. Years before she even dreamt of reversing those letters and becoming not only one of the most revered kiwi prime ministers (PM,) but also most respected political leaders, of all time.

This interview was conducted in lieu of the upcoming 2014 elections, the audio gets a bit messy here and there but bear with, there aresome gems laying about in all that static. I recorded it for a radio show I used to host called Organic Rap Cyphers: The Art, Science & Politics of Hip hop for Fresh FM. This audio has never been heard before because my producer deemed the quality to not meet her standards. Oh well, you should be so lucky!!

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Jacinda and I discuss children, my love for Helen Clark, the changing political landscape in New Zealand and the fundamental difference between the Labour party and the National party. At one point I ask her what her favourite hip hop band is, the answer may or may not be audible.

You will hear how this woman is not really a politician at all, but more like a truly dedicated social worker who's had politics thrust upon them.

Kia kaha and bless this human, we are incredibly lucky having her leading our country right now.

And don't worry my future shows will be waaaay better audio quality, just wanted to set the bar low at the beginning. The only way is up now!

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